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The product is a sustainable building and landscaping solution made from agricultural residues. It is essentially a green slab designed for green walls, hanging gardens & living roofs. These slabs are environmentally friendly and serve as a means of integrating nature into urban or architectural spaces. the slabs are made of date palm fiber and irrigated by an integrated system, employing microporous tube technology. The green slabs made of agricultural residues are a sustainable and innovative product that repurposes agricultural waste, promotes green building and landscaping.

Ecotashira LLC
Ecotashira is a company that offer sustainable construction solutions through innovative green materials and technologies, with a focus on environmental impact. Our specialty is creating green walls that bring nature into urban spaces, reducing temperatures and improving air quality. Our goal is to contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet. Our main product is the slabs made of agricultural residus (date palm fiber). The slabs are irrigated using an integrated nano-irrigation system. This approach proves to be both cost-effective in terms of energy and water usage.
Ecotashira LLC
CEO & Founder of Ecotashira LLC, Fella BOUTI holds a PhD in Agronomics from ENSA Algiers, Algeria. With a background in engineering, she also earned a Master’s in Agricultural Sciences and holds a Technical Degree in Human Resource Management. she has completed accomplished training programs in commercialization techniques, marketing strategies, and social and environmental entrepreneurship. Fella has been the recipient of numerous awards, with her work being shortlisted in several prestigious prizes and competitions.
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