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Sink System w/ eHEPA Dryer

All-in-one sink systems = no water on the floor

The Integrated Sink System with the eHEPA Hand Dryer is the future of commercial restrooms and the most hygienic, sustainable, and cost-effective way to wash and dry hands. A masterpiece of form and function, the sink seamlessly fuses touchless, high efficiency fixtures on the sink deck allowing users to wash, rinse, and dry hands all in one place, leaving no water on the floor. This product provides up to a 81% reduction of carbon footprint vs. paper towels even when compared to 100% recycled paper towels. Plus, this system contributes to WELL points and several LEED credits.

Excel Dryer
Family-run, American manufacturer Excel Dryer is a leader in the hand hygiene industry as a manufacturer of touchless, high-speed hand dryers. Their XLERATOR® Hand Dryer created the high-speed hand dryer category and is now the world’s number-one selling and specified hand dryer. Their products redefined the public perception of hand dryers and set a new standard for performance, reliability, and sustainability. They have since expanded their line to include multiple hand drying solutions that focus on sustainability, convenience, and aesthetics.
United States
Excel Dryer
Katherine Brekka
Katherine Brekka is a Senior Associate at Fennick McCredie Architecture. She has 15 years of experience in aviation & transportation design, higher education, and corporate interiors. Fennick McCredie Architecture is a Boston based architecture firm that is centered on people and sustainable design. Brekka and the team of the office renovation that featured the Integrated Sink System with Electrostatic HEPA Filtration strived to incorporate as many sustainable products into the project as possible to meet the owner’s goals of creating the most healthy and sustainable office space imaginable.
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