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Discarded wind turbine blades made everlasting

Expanding the use of renewable energy is important, but what happens after renewable products are replaced? By repurposing decommissioned wind turbine blades as bus shelters, EverBlades not only provides a more comfortable experience taking the bus, but also repurposes discarded local wind turbine blades that are currently filling up limited space in landfills. This design is feasible, versatile with minimal waste created, and engages the community into favoring public transportation. The durability and size of wind turbine blades are ideal for everlasting bus shelters: Everblades.

United States
Jasmine J. Lee
Jasmine J. Lee is an industrial design student studying at Rhode Island School of Design. Her work revolves around innovation, human involvement, and environment-awareness design. Her core design value is to reinforce the circular relationship with nature while also creating uplifting ideas for real and future impact.
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