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Forestlines® slats

Untreated wood with an unprecedented fire reaction

The Forestlines® slats are a revolution in the world of wooden cladding. They are the very first slats that achieve fire reaction class B-s1,d0 with untreated (!) wood. An intelligent aluminum profile is mounted in the side and ensures a reduction of +- 65 to 80% in flammable surface area. We also work with fire barriers, heat conduction, etc. A wide variation in dimensions is possible, 40-70mm thick, 90-360mm deep and 20-150cm spacing. The slats can also be made from recycled wood or Lesser Known Timber Species (LKTS) of FSC®, bringing biodiversity into the world of construction.

Paulussen Houthandel BV
Paulussen Houthandel BV is a timber trade known for its scientific research that leads to many innovations. Strong innovations are launched every year, each based on the ecological aspect, circularity, biodiversity, etc. We map the entire process from tree to project and try to use our extensive knowledge to successfully introduce lesser-known types of wood into construction. Paulussen Houthandel pushes scientific boundaries with untreated wood as the most ecological raw material. Knowledge, courage and creativity are combined.
Steven Paulussen
Steven Paulussen is the second generation of Paulussen Houthandel BV. On the one hand, his interest lies in wood and its various possibilities, while at the same time his passion lies mainly in innovation and ecology. The fire in the Grenfell Tower in London (2017) initiated an extensive scientific study into fire reaction class. The approach was always untreated wood to prevent all possible (potentially negative) impregnations. Based on this, one innovation after another was launched in the wood world. Innovation must always be combined with ecology.
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