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Flying garden

This innovative container uses a few thousand years old principle of "passive irrigation" – the transmission of water through the pores of its clay core – and as a result, the water level is always just right. FREESBEE is available in a version that "floats in the air", as an “indoor garden on a stand” or “garden on a table”. In all three versions, FREESBEE promotes good design, well-being through the use of plants, and the genius of natural materials. The final design was co-created through a process that included the input of several thousand passionate indoor plant growers.

Raketa d.o.o.
Raketa d.o.o.
Katjuša Kranjc and Rok Kuhar
Together, Katjuša Kranjc and Rok Kuhar lead the design studio RAKETA. The creative pair is known for their design sensibility and work that revolves around striking an optimal sense of balance. Their designs build on the potential of sustainable materials, the characteristics of which they poetically capture in the products. Their designs are characterised by attention to detail, emphasis on a tactile quality, well-thought-out structural design, rational use of materials and a commitment to the long-term usability of each product. Katjuša and Rok won numerous national and international awards.
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