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The optimisation of modern energy systems

Over 90% of energy systems in Germany are not optimized or provide useful data for operators. GEMControl ensures cost-optimized, fully automatic, and transparent functioning of heat pumps and PV systems. It monitors, analyzes, and controls, resulting in higher performance coefficients, reduced and focussed technician time, optimized power flows, etc. GEMControl includes GEMBox (on-site hardware connected to all relevant devices), GEMNet (cloud-based telemetry), and GEMApp (mobile companion). It is manufacturer-independent and compatible with devices providing readout and control interfaces.

Green Energy Mastering GmbH
GREEN ENERGY MASTERING (GEM) pursues a holistic approach: Based on the central control unit GEMControl, GEM plans and operates modern energy systems consisting of a heat pump and PV-system. Customers can choose from various service packages: From simply purchasing the GEMControl components to full-service contracting of a complete energy system.
Green Energy Mastering GmbH
As founder and managing partner, CEO Marc Christian Stein is committed to ensuring that the joint large-scale project "energy transition" also succeeds for each individual residential property. By using GEMControl, the homeowner gains control over their energy system and can make decisions that are good for their wallet and for the environment.
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