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Geneverse Powerpilar V2

Solar energy system

This is a smart home energy system consisting of home energy storage and rooftop photovoltaics. It efficiently converts solar energy into electricity and stores it, providing a continuous supply of clean power for the home. The system is equipped with intelligent management functions, allowing real-time monitoring of electricity production and consumption. It intelligently adjusts based on electricity costs and appliance characteristics, maximizing energy utilization efficiency. Additionally, it can generate extra income by selling surplus electricity back to the grid.

Jackery Inc.
Jackery, the world's leading innovative clean energy solutions provider, was founded in California in 2012 with a mission to bring green energy to all. Jackery launched its first portable power station in 2016 and solar panels in 2018. Since 2018, Jackery has sold more than 3 million units worldwide, received recognition from more than 200 media and organisations worldwide, and won 58 international design awards. Jackery has fulfilled its social responsibility on a global scale, maintaining long-term cooperation with global public welfare organisations such as WWF, NFF and IRC.
United States
Shenzhen Hello Tech Energy Co.,Ltd
Established in 2011, Shenzhen Hello Tech Energy Co.,Ltd, guided by the mission of "making green energy ubiquitous," has pioneered new categories in portable energy storage and all-scenario household green energy. The company has created two major global brands, "Jackery" and "Geneverse." With a leading digital full-value chain M2C global direct sales model, its products and services have reached over 30 countries and regions globally. The cumulative sales have surpassed 3 million units, establishing global leadership in both sales volume and market share.
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