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RE-shaping the circular loop!

Goodloop will RE-shape the circular market! It's a sustainable, innovative, and luxurious concept replacing cosmetic jars in the market. Goodloop is produced with (recycled) PP and PET, which adds to the sustainable sense of the product. The curved inner jar gives the product a slim and cosmetic look, while the outer jar adds to the transparency of the product. Refilling from the bottom is an experience for the consumer! When seeing Goodloop on the shelf, it will stand out by its design. It will give high-end brands the chance to keep their status in a sustainable way that fits the future.

At FASTEN, packaging is our passion! We are a full-service cosmetic packaging provider, serving brands, and retailers all over the world. We create unique packaging concepts by combining design, innovation, sustainability, and creativity with our technical know-how. Our in-house design and engineering team is constantly looking for new techniques, innovative materials, and sustainable solutions. We are always up to date with the latest market trends in order to create the most unique and innovative concepts for our customers.
Robbert Bouman, Remco Janssen, Suzet Sijm, Savan Huissen
The FASTEN design team includes all specialties, actively working together. The New Product Development department is responsible for the technical design. After that, Indigo218, our in-house design agency takes care of the creative part of the design. This interaction allows the technical and creative design aspects to be merged into the most beautiful concepts.
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