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23.06.2016, 11:12

The most awaited award results are finally out and we are proud to publish the official professional- and newcomer-winners as well as the best student work.

21.06.2016, 15:29

The Green Product Award 2016  began with a louder roar and greater enthusiasm. Applicants from 35 countries submitted their outstanding ideas. After the expert jury found their winners, the time has come to find the winner of the Green Product Audience Award!

25.04.2016, 12:40

Green Product Selection released! 

25.04.2016, 10:11

Nutritious Solutions develops sustainable lifestyle products for health-conscious people.

22.04.2016, 17:49

A three-wheeled pedelec, representing an environmentally friendly alternative to small cars in urban space.

17.04.2016, 10:29

A traditional string-bag as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags

15.04.2016, 16:48

BAUX Accoustic Products are well designed sustainable accoustic wall panels 

15.04.2016, 10:38

A city kitchen which enables people to prepare food that they bring to the kitchen

14.04.2016, 14:18

Chocolate bars which are rich in essential nutrients

14.04.2016, 10:49

A portable WC made out of recycled polyethylene and a biodegradable coconut-fibre composit

The submission for Award 2018 has been started!

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