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07.07.2017, 18:22

Haier Fridge BCD-360WDCAU1

The BCD-360 Fridge is one of the new innovation flagships from Haier. Due to the reduction of materials it is the smallest fridge with a volume of 360 litres. IR sensors measure temperature changes and provide super fast cooling in selected areas. The activity smart airflow is like a protection film in front of the cooling area, which avoids temperature drops when the door is opened. These with many other features, allow for lower energy usage (only 0.72kWh in 24h), less food waste, higher sanitation and a better quality of life for us and our environment. Founded in 1984 at Qingdao, Haier has always been insisting on driving itself to glow continuously and healthily through an innovation system focusing on user requirements, making itself from an insolvent & nearly collapsed collective firm to one of the largest home appliance manufacturer in the whole world. With end-users in more than 100 Countries, Haier has been the top 1 Brand in the most valuable brand rank list for 15 years and its brand value more than 100 billion RMB in 2017. According to data from Euromonitor International, Haier has stayed as the top 1 brand of white goods in the world for 8 years since 2009.

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