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The urban mobility solution of tomorrow.

HO:CHO is a versatile urban vehicle, functioning as both bicycle and motorcycle, perfectly suited to evolving city infrastructure and the goal of reducing cars in the city. Its adjustments, such as steering and seat angles, cater to the specific requirements of each mode. User feedback led to increased transport capacity, achieved through e.g. a spacious compartment or an second seat. The design process prioritized user experiences, using transparent surfaces and visible mechanisms for emotional appeal. The vehicle's expressions vary with the mode, inspired by the emotive cafe Racer category.

HM Munich / HS Pforzheim
Emma Ehrenberg
Emma Ehrenberg is an industrial designer with a Bachelor's degree from HS Pforzheim (2022). She has been actively involved in the bike and mobility industry, working at the e-bike startup SUSHI BIKES for the last two years. Currently, she's pursuing a Master's degree in Digital Transformation and Entrepreneurship while also following her design passion at studio Zanzotti, a product design studio based in Munich. Emma's journey showcases her commitment to learning, practical experience, and a passion for creating innovative, user-focused design solutions.
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