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HONEXT®️ Panel

High-end upcycled materials for circular living

HONEXT®️ is an innovative Barcelona-based company that manufactures a carbon-neutral, circular, biotech process that upcycles waste fibres into fully recyclable and non-toxic panels. HONEXT®️ uses as main raw material the sludge waste from paper mills, the volume of which continues to increase as paper recycling rates grow. The HONEXT®️ Industrial Process is bio-based, zero-waste, and resin-free. It reinforces the bonds between cellulose fibres, creating 100% recyclable fibreboards with no added emissions of VOCs, and with a wide range of applications for the interior built environment.

Honext Material SL
Pol Merino, Pere Merino, Ferran Merino, Paul Clegg, Marcelo Miranda, Sepi Lee, Claudia Carrasco, Alvaro Aznar, Berta Julià, Ingi Gudjonsson, Luis Torrente, Tommy Lee
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