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The only up-cycled fibreboard B-s1-d0

HONEXT Materials is launching at the beginning of next year HONEXT® FR board. The first up-cycled fibreboard class B-s1-d0 with no-resins and toxic-free on the market. HONEXT® FR boards are extremely durable with good mechanical and thermodynamic properties, and have a fire reaction, B-s1,d0, making them highly suitable for interior building environments. The applications are endless, from acoustic panels, interior wall cladding, furniture and partitions. HONEXT®️ FR boards are non-toxic, and can also be recycled at the end of its useful life, making them 100% circular.

Honext Material SL
The Merino family, Ferran, Pere and Pol Merino, together with the HONEXT team.
HONEXT®️ was created in 2011 by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya together with three generations of the Merino family, Ferran, Pere and Pol Merino. After 10 years of development, HONEXT®️ panels are manufactured at no cost to the planet in the company's first functional factory, integrated in a landfill in Vacarisses (Barcelona, Spain). Currently, Pol Merino, Managing Director of HONEXT, is leading the industrialization of the company. Pol Merino holds a degree in Biotechnology and has extensive experience in business development in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.
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