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Ina Vibe

Eco-Friendly cooking, charging and lighting!

As solar panel prices continue to fall, solar electricity will be the future of cooking in a few decades. Ina Vibe is a solar-powered, insulated electric cooker with a battery pack for charging and lighting. It is made up of an exterior solar panel that is directly connected to an electric burner and battery pack that is housed inside a well-insulated African cane braided basket. It enables off-grid and suburban dwellers to cook, power, and light in a way that is sustainable, environmentally beneficial, and healthful.

Landmark University
Obasogie Okpamen, Obasogie Osasumwen, Anastacia Amadi Goodness, and Uwague Igharo Aizeyosabo
Digital Designer & Mechanical Engineer I am passionate about creating innovative solutions, products, and systems. experienced in project management and design, including graphics design, 3D Modelling, Simulations, and Design for social media marketing and branding of products and services. Over the years, through communication, empathy, and invention, I have I developed exceptional collaboration skills and a reputation as a team player. member and leader, as evidenced by local and international honors.
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