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InFocus Canada

Sustainable scarves for environmental conservation

Beautiful fashion scarves made entirely from recycled plastic. Each scarf displays an image from a celebrated professional photographer working in environmental conservation. The result is a wearable piece of art with a story. A portion of each scarf sale is donated to different conservation charities. All scarves are made in Canada.

InFocus Canada
InFocus Canada is a small business with a mission to raise money for charity, and awareness of environmental conservation, through sustainable fashion. Specifically, we make beautiful fashion scarves that are made entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic (each scarf diverts three bottles from the waste stream). Each scarf displays an image from professional conservation photographers, thereby creating a piece of 'wearable art'. The photographers choose different conservation charities and we donate a portion of each sale to these charities. Our scarves are made in Canada.
InFocus Canada
The Photographers of InFocus Canada
Our model involves collaborating with well-known photographers working in the realm of environmental and ocean conservation. Their photographs are the designs used on the scarves. We have currently worked with 29 photographers. Please see the photo for a selection of the photographers we work with: Row 1: Ami Vitale, Deanne Fitzmaurice, Melissa Groo, Kristi Odom, Michelle Valberg Row 2: Brian Skerry Jill Heinerth, Dave Brosha, Pat Kane Row 3: Viktoria Haack, Shane Gross, Adam Hill, Rob Stewart
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