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Nylon made from fishing nets to protect the ocean

Its a recycled nylon from ghost & discarded fishing nets. We can also call we are cleaning the ocean plastic. We encourage and pay more to the fisherman to ask them do not drop away the fishing nets into the ocean. Then, we collect the fishing nets from fisherman and ship to our factory to cut & clean the fishing nets and remake to nylon chips and make nylon fiber to use in the textile & fashion business. Can be used for fashion garments, hangers, sunglasses, bags, suitcases, furniture and tools. Before us nobody used fishing nets to make staple fiber, InResST is the first one.

InResST is a green and sustainable company who is only recycling ghost&discarded fishing nets to use mechanical way to remake the Nylon chips in Textile &Fashion business . We owned GRS certificate. OBP certificate. (its the first one and only OBP Nylon certificate in the world). Based on LCA report by Intertek, 1KG InResST nylon only use O.8776Kg Co2, 11.95MJ and 0.0037M2 water. Compare to virgin nylon , we save more than 91% Co2, 90% Energy and 94% Water. So, its a amazing data.
Pengyan Hu
Recycle fishing nets for more than 30years in the family business.
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