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Lamp made from wine barrel oak

Laika is a lamp made from 85% end-of-life materials. Wine barrel oak, industrial packaging plywood and PVC pipe. These three materials discarded in different industries (viticultural, logistics and automobile) are modified handcraft to regain life in new valuable and decorative products in an infinity of spaces. The purpose of Laika is to dignify these materials and demonstrate that with the waste you can also design and make high-quality items.

Amaia Prieto & Jesus Prieto
Baku Barrikupel is a project for the reuse of end-of-life materials. We design and manufacture decorative and functional elements applying eco-design throughout the process. Our products are manufactured in a small one-to-one craft workshop. And we do all this in a rural environment. We are an artisan father and designer daughter and the combination of experience and novelty makes us better at our job. Therefore, we have decided to intertwine all our ideas to immerse ourselves together in this adventure.
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