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Liquid Laundry Enhancer

A green, cleaning solution for soiled laundry​

The EnviroKlenz Liquid Laundry Enhancer is a gentle, non-hazardous, septic-safe formulation made with cruelty-free testing and fragrance-free products safe for any skin type. The product's new sustainable packaging replaces its plastic exterior with biodegradable and recyclable materials, reducing plastic waste by 86% compared to the typical consumer bottle. Its gentle formula helps consumers extend the life of their clothing and reduce textile waste. Consumers can feel confident in their decision to bring EnviroKlenz products into their homes to protect themselves and their environment.

United States
George Negron, Leticia Menzzano, and Adrian Pawluk
George Negron is Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Timilon Corporation. Since 2014, Negron has led innovative initiatives propelling the brand forward. Leticia Menzzano, the Product Marketing Manager for Timilon Corporation has helped to expand the brand through efforts in international development, as well as product line expansion and relaunch. Adrian Pawluk the Director of Supply Chain Support is the lead behind creating effective supply chain solutions that benefit both the merchant and the consumer.
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