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The plant-based unisex urinal for public spaces

LooPi® is an autonomous plant-based unisex urinal for public spaces. Flushing water is treated in an integrated vertical constructed wetland, and reused for flushing. The plants take up the nutrients, thereby cleaning the water. Surplus nutrients are absorbed at biochar, made from agricultural residues. Saturated biochar can be used as soil conditioner. LooPi® can be used contactless and hygienic by all genders, including children. LooPi® is made of stainless steel and includes 200 plants from 30 species. LooPi® is both: a functional urban green infrastructure and a public sanitation facility.

alchemia-nova GmbH
EOOS NEXT ( EOOS NEXT is a Vienna based industrial design studio with a strong focus in translating technologies into products and visualizing them in full scale.
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