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LOVR™ is a hemp based leather alternative

LOVR™ is an acronym that stands for Leather-like, Oil-free, Vegan, and Residue-Based. As its name suggests, LOVR™ is a vegan material that can be used as a substitute for leather in various industries such as footwear, furniture, fashion and automotive. It is made from residual fibers from industrial hemp cultivation. Unlike artificial or vegan leathers, LOVR™ does not contain any petrol-based products. LOVR™ is a truly circular material since it is compostable and recyclable. It is important to highlight that the material can be produced carbon neutrally (cradle to gate).

Revoltech GmbH
revoltech was founded in 2021 after six years of R&D by Julian Mushövel, Montgomery Wagner and Lucas Fuhrmann. Based in Darmstadt, Germany, revoltech consists of a team of 15 people with a broad range of expertise in science, engineering and business. The company is a spin-off of the Technical University of Darmstadt and still has a close R&D cooperation with the university. revoltech has raised a seven-figure amount of venture capital and public funding in 2022. The start-up has won the Advanced Materials Competition, the Science4Life Award and the Innovations for Tomorrow Award by hessnatur.
Revoltech GmbH
Lucas Fuhrmann, Montgomery Wagner, Julian Mushövel
Lucas Fuhrmann is originally trained in philosophy, economics and behavioral science. He came up with the initial idea for LOVR after experiencing the amount of fibrous waste in the agricultural sector. During the initial R&D phase Lucas was supported by Montgomery Wagner who studied political science and economics in Germany, Colombia, France and the UK. The trio is completed by Julian Mushövel who has a degree in mechanical engineering and deep knowledge in the field of production engineering and fiber materials.
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