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LOWD acoustic solutions

Low-impact acoustic solutions: made with tires

LOWD are acoustic solutions consists of speakers of different sizes and acoustic panels. LOWD's design revolves around the union of parametric design, large-scale 3D printing and sustainable materials. Made with our TYRE-X material and certified by SIGNUS Ecovalor, ensures that meet environmental standards. Thanks to parametric design we can make custom speaker with design and high performance.

Lowpoly is a Spanish company based in Madrid where we work to implement sustainability in large scale 3D Printing. We develop materials in pellet reducing the amount of polymers adding food waste like coffe ground, orange peels or grape peels. We are developing technical material reusing recycled tyres powder in order to make sound system projects. With our materials we are able to 3D print in large scale, object for interior design, visual merchandise and much more.
Gianluca Pugliese
Born in Turin where he specializes in 3D printing. In 2018 he founded LOWPOLY in Madrid, a company dedicated to sustainability in the field of large format 3D printing. He specializes in retail, decoration and interior designing projects for various international brands. Teacher of 3d printing and digital craft at IED Madrid, LCI Barcelona and IE Business School. In 2018 he was a consultant for UNESCO In 2020 he is co-author with Diego Cuevas of the book "Advanced 3D printing with Grasshopper" In 2022 he is Italian Design Ambassador
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