Green Concept Award

Green Concepts 2021

Lukang France

Eco-chairs in loofah fibers and stainless steel.

Lukang was designed and manufactured in Taiwan, during a six-month residency at the National Crafts Institute (N.T.C.R.I.), by two French designers: Dorian Etienne and Cordélia Faure. Discovering loofahs in a small Lukang market, we are interested in the properties of these natural fiber networks. Very common in Taiwan, they are used as exfoliating sponges. These fibers having a low ecological impact, so we decide to give them new uses. We imagine Lukang eco-chairs, part of the circular economy by its constant material revaluation.

Company/Institution: Cordélia Faure & Dorian Etienne / ENSCI Les Ateliers
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