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100% GOTS certified organic cotton trousers

The Mantalon is an adjustable and versatile garment designed for all body types and occasions. It is a well thought piece that was crafted to be part of your wardrobe for many years. Mantalon offers six unique colour ways that are all made with organic and environmentally friendly fabrics such as 100% GOTS certified organic cotton that are sourced and produced locally within Spain. Fashion is a polluting industry, so we designed an on-demand presale strategy producing only the exact amount of trousers that have been ordered through this system - helping to minimise our environmental impact.

Emilia Carrasco
Passionate about fashion design and in love with inclusive and sustainable fashion. Emilia has studied at Universidad del Azuay (Ecuador) with a Bachelor's Degree in Textile and Fashion Design, and is now currently studying at IED Madrid (Spain) with a Master's Degree in Direction and Management of Fashion Companies. She currently works as a Fashion Designer at Mantalon and has previously been a creative designer, fashion stylist and project assistant for brands such as Patto Lagoon and MODASA, both of which are from Ecuador.
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