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Reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions

Maxwell is the first commercial heat transfer fluid additive to provide higher heat capacity for water. Disruptive improvements in cooling fluids are the key to reducing energy use. HTMS is in the vanguard to deliver the promise of nanofluids with the release of Maxwell. Maxwell’s unique ability to suspend nanoparticles in water provides the HVAC industry with its first commercially available nano-based heat transfer fluid additive.

HT Materials Science
HT Materials Science (‘HTMS’) was founded in 2018 to develop a heat transfer fluid for commercial and industrial HVAC markets.HTMS is the developer of Maxwell – an innovative, sub-micron heat transfer fluid. Maxwell is a drop-in additive for use in new or existing commercial and industrial heating and cooling systems. Maxwell enhances heat transfer, resulting in a substantial reduction in energy consumption and an increase in system capacity. The company is headquartered in Ireland with offices in Dublin, Italy and New York. For more information visit
Prof. Arturo de Risi – Chief Technology Officer
Arturo is a co-founder of HTMS and is responsible for our R&D and product development programs. Arturo has over three decades of experience (including 11 patents) in nano-based heat transfer products, EV fuel cell optimization, thermal PV conversion of heat, and the design of cooling systems for commercial applications in solar systems and wind turbines. Arturo is currently Professor for the Department of Engineering for Innovation at the University of Salento, Italy.
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