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The Modular Silk Blouse

Changing silhouettes and sizes through modularity

The Modular Silk Blouse is part of the Till Death Do Us Part thematic. The modular silk blouse can be combined in a variety of ways and complements basic items in your wardrobe. Thanks to its size adjustability and generous volume, it can be adapted to individual body shapes and is a convincing proposal in the context of representing body diversity in fashion and the realization of "one fits all" in the ready-to-wear industry.

Macromedia University of Applied Sciences_Campus Berlin
Fashion Design programme at Macromedia University Campus Berlin. Macromedia University of Applied Sciences is a multi-campus university privately sponsored by Macromedia GmbH, based in Stuttgart, with other locations in Munich, Freiburg, Frankfurt/Main, Cologne, Leipzig, Hamburg and Berlin. Due to the central location of Macromedia’s city campuses, we can offer our current 4,500 students a stimulating urban study environment that also permits easy access to students from surrounding regions.
Raya Annese
Raya Annese is a student in the 3rd semester of the fashion design study programme at Macromedia University in Berlin.
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