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The modular bed for all life phases

Modular for maximum flexibility. The :moveki beds are sustainable design beds that can be easily assembled, disassembled and extended. The idea goes back to an old click system of dowry beds. The bed is made of birch multiplex and linoleum. The bed height is suitable from junior to senior. Flexibility means that the sizes can be changed thanks to the metal-free plug-in system. By exchanging bed modules, sizes and colours can be changed. This leads to the longevity of use of the bed, thus conserving resources. modular lifetime furniture.

9Beaufort GmbH
:moveki bringt durch Modularität mehr Flexibiltät, und damit Freiheiten in der Gestaltung des Raumes. Alle Produkte haben eine systemischen Ansatz und sind modular. Unsere Möbel begleiten Dich Dein Leben lang und passen sich Deiner Lebenssituation an. Minimalistisches Design mit maximaler Funktionalität, leicht auf und abzubauen, jederzeit erweiter -oder verkleinerbar. Nachhaltigkeit heißt für uns neben der Materialität und Herstellung - Langlebigkeit! Die Betten sind metallfrei, aus natürlichen Materialien (Birke Multiplex mit Linoleum) und werden regional hergestellt.
9Beaufort GmbH
Antje-Ann Sturm & Wolfgang Sturm
Antje-Ann Sturm is a communication scientist and market and advertising psychologist. She works as a brand and marketing strategist for national and international clients. Wolfgang Sturm is an entrepreneur and comes from a trading family in the lifestyle and sports segment. In addition to launching two retail concepts, Wolfgang has successfully placed fashion labels in the DACH market. Both live in Munich with their two children. Based on their own needs, they have developed systemic, modular and sustainable furniture with design aspirations.
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