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A series of naked meals without any packaging

NakedPak series is a line of zero-waste, edible meals, wrapped in soluble bioplastic made of agar produced from algae. The dishes are completely naked - not wrapped in plastic or paper, and to solve the food hygiene problem, the meals are rinsed well with water (just like fruits and vegetables) before being cooked. The dishes are individual meals, ready to be cooked, and contain all ingredients and seasoning necessary for a flavorful result. The entire NakedPak is placed in a pot, and cooked while the wrapper melts and adds all the delicious flavors.

Holon Institute of Technology
Naama Nicotra
My name is Naama Nicotra, I am a fresh graduate product designer from Holon Institute of Technology, based in Tel Aviv, Israel. I am a material-driven designer, searching for the most interesting and innovative materials to address our daily needs. Design with natural materials is kind to both humans and the planets, and gives us the opportunity to surround ourselves with healthy and sustainable products. I love traditional crafts and food, and I see nature as my biggest inspiration. I hope to continue and explore the world of natural materials and provide new solutions, that are safe for all
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