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Offshore Oil Filter

A machine installed under the oil rig to filter

Offshore Oil Filter is installed under the drilling platform to filter crude oil mixed with seawater. A sponge with oil absorption but no water absorption is used inside and can be reused. The oil-water separation membrane is paved below, which has high durability and can achieve more than 98% of the oil-water separation effect. Wave energy to drive the generator to generate electricity, so that the internal motor of the product is rotated and the filtered crude oil is extracted for use.

National Taipei University of Education
The Department of Arts and Design at National Taipei University of Education
Chen Yu-Ting, Hsueh Kai-Chieh, Lin Zhong-Wei, Prof. Kai-Chu Li
We are product design students from the National Taipei University of Education. We want to do something to improve our environment and in doing so create a worldwide impact. In the future, we will keep looking for new insight and continue to pay attention to the contemporary world and recent issues, with which I will create new and interesting designs.
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