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Patella Crescenda

Natural microgreen sprouting kit

The Patella Crescenda is a natural sprouting set to effortlessly grow fresh organic microgreens at home all through the year. With its low-tech design and ancient water level control technique, it offers hassle-free cultivation without the need for electricity or complex setups. Made from original materials, all components are built to last and can be easily cleaned and replaced if needed. The Patella Crescenda reduces food waste, plastic packaging, and reliance on external sources, promoting self-sufficiency and contributing to a conscious and healthy lifestyle

House of Thol
House of Thol is a purpose-driven and future-proof design brand based in the Netherlands. Founded by designers Thomas Linssen and Jana Flohr, House of Thol researches a sustainable tomorrow and creates functional products that make green living easier. The collection includes Waterworks, Flower Constellations, the Poma/Olera series, and microgreen sprouting kit Patella Crescenda as well as circular furniture like ReCovered/ReCabinet. House of Thol is committed to creating sustainable products that solve everyday challenges and help minimize our impact on the environment.
House of Thol
House of Thol // Thomas Linssen & Jana Flohr
House of Thol is a research-based Dutch design brand by Thomas Linssen & Jana Flohr. From their rural headquarters near Nijmegen, the designers research a sustainable tomorrow and create aesthetic functional products that make green living easier. A compact multi-cultural team with compatible strengths, House of Thol covers the complete design process from research and concept to design and product development all the way to packaging, graphic design and an independent product launch. House of Thol aims to make a difference with affordable, problem solving products everyone can use.
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