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Plastic mark

Remind everyone of the importance of recycling

It is just an ordinary environment-friendly bag. I will recycle the copy to form the wrinkle state of the plastic bag after being discarded. To remind people of the importance of recycling! This design is very intuitive and suitable for any ordinary person Although the media has been advocating to reduce the use of plastic, no one will pay attention to this problem in life, including the manufacturers of environmental bags will not want to solve these problems. Plastic garbage bags everywhere are still shocking! This design allows ordinary people to see this problem at a glance!

He is a young brand designer who loves life. Like cooking. At present, he is studying in the Foreign related College of Central South Forestry University in China. At the age of only 22, his design work has won the champion of the LOGO group of HONOR Talent Glory Global Design Competition, the DT Best Photography Award, the nomination of the Chinese Design Award, and was selected into the 18th Asia Pacific Design Yearbook. He is known as the new star of graphic design in Changsha, China!
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