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Green Products


Bags from upcycled leather made by local craftsmen

My brand stands for locally produced high quality leather goods manufactured by re-employed craftsmen (men and women), who have lost their previous jobs due to automation and digitization. My collection is made of upcycled small leather scraps that did not meet the standards for the industrial mass production. We are rebuying the leather scrap from other leather apparel factories in Poland which do not have a proper waste management. Thus, we turn waste into timeless fashion pieces for conscious consumers.Every bag is unique because every person is unique and their stories are unique.

Local and responsibly produced leather goods, by highly skilled people over 50, using small batches of leather waste is what makes the product both unique and sustainable.
Dominika Pluska
In 2015, when the previously thriving shoe factory of my parents had to shut down, I decided to move to Switzerland to get a degree in design management. My studies and my work as a model in the fashion industry helped me connect the dots. I wanted people like my dad, with great skills and experience, to be able to contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry and at the same time feel appreciated and needed. Now, not even 10 years later, my brand is resurrecting my parents' shoe company, and skilled workers back their pride.
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