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Pesticide-free native beekeeping skincare

Our propolis antioxidant cream is a water free, concentrated skin cream made in North Wales using propolis from our native Welsh honeybees. Native Welsh bee genetics are at the forefront of sustainable bee disease treatment and biodiversity, notably due to their Varroa mite resistance. We are part of just 2% of UK beekeepers not using pesticides in the hive, making our propolis distinct for lack of contamination. We incorporate sustainability in every aspect of the product lifecycle. Novel temperature controlled process and propolis extraction method maximizes the natural antioxidant content.

Propolise skincare
At Propolise, our water-free, nutrient dense skincare is the foundation of our broader mission in sustainable beekeeping and farming. We keep the native Welsh black honeybee without pesticide use, a keystone species for biodiversity and food security. We craft our products from our beeswax and propolis, with organic and upcycled ingredients. Our products take a stand against the waste, overproduction and carbon footprint of skincare. We advocate for fewer, high quality products, using unrefined, cold-pressed, antioxidant rich ingredients to raise the standard of quality in natural skincare.
United Kingdom
Francesca Iafrati
I have always suffered from eczema and dry, sensitive skin. I was dependent on steroid creams daily for years, and unpleasant prescribed moisturisers made my condition more miserable. I began producing my own skincare, and learnt how antioxidants tackle inflammation differently to steroids. I keep bees in North Wales, where the native honeybee population and pesticide-free beekeeping is strongest in the UK, and came across propolis, an amazing product produced a lot by native bees. Propolis enabled me to combine effective skincare, sustainable beekeeping and organic farming in one mission.
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