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Purified Waste

Clothes of recycled fibers

We produce clothes with a minimal ecological footprint, exclusively crafted from 100% recycled fibers. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our emphasis on classical design and uncompromising quality. These timeless clothes reduce environmental impacts, conserving 99% of water and emitting 50% fewer CO2 emissions compared to similar garments made from virgin materials. Our innovative approach involves mechanically recycling textile waste, reducing environmental impacts, and setting new standards for sustainable fashion.

Pure Waste Textiles oy
Pure Waste is an apparel company dedicated to sustainability. We craft premium clothing exclusively from materials made of 100% recycled fibers. By upcycling textile waste, we reduce environmental impacts, champion the circular economy, and promote ethical practices. With transparency and innovation, we're reshaping the fashion landscape, creating high-quality, eco-conscious products with a minimal ecological footprint, and advocating for a greener, more responsible future in the industry.
Pure Waste
Pure Waste embodies a collective commitment to sustainable design. Every member of our team in Helsinki, from creative minds to innovators, plays a vital role in bringing our environmentally responsible textiles and products to life. Our brand thrives on the synergy of our collective efforts and shared values, making each product a result of our team's dedication.
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