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Qwarzo® coating technology

The natural transition to plastic-free solutions

Qwarzo is an innovative company working on a new generation of high-performance materials and advanced, nature-based sustainability characteristics resulting from over 20 years of scientific research and process development. Qwarzo®, is a silica-based coating that can be used to replace plastic and plastic films on paper, fabric, metal and other substrates. Thanks to its technological platform, it aims to become the new design standard as an alternative to materials deriving from fossil sources and the only answer effectively free of microplastics and plastic.

Qwarzo spa
Qwarzo® is a mineral-based coating that enhances the performance of the material where it finds application. For the food packaging market we apply this plastic-free barrier on the paper. The products with Qwarzo® are: Recyclable • Compostable • Water-resistant • Oil-resistant • Chemical-resistant • Odorless • Tasteless • The Qwarzo® technology uses silica, one of the most abundant materials on earth, as its main ingredient. The Qwarzo® technology is easily adaptable to the existing production lines . With cutting-edge solutions and expertise Qwarzo turn the linear business into a circular one
Luca Panzeri
Luca graduated from the Milan Polytechnic in Mechanical Engineering. Here his passion for research and innovation emerges immediately. He became the owner of the company during these years, with direct management of the R&D department, obtaining several patents related to the use of innovative materials and cutting-edge technologies. Now he is the CTO and with the Team he's working on the scale up of the project and on the industrialization of the technology.
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