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Regenerated Natural Fiber

Re-Yut-Cel is a regenerated natural yarn made mainly from recycled jute coffee bags and waste fibers from cotton spinning, that can be used to make fabrics for the fashion and interior design industries. Using this regenerated yarn we reduce the use of new natural resources and reducing CO2-eq generated, use of water and support local economy and industry at the same time we reduce waste and pollution.

Sylvia Calvo BCN - Circular Fashion
Sylvia Calvo BCN is a sustainable and ethical fashion brand applying circular economy principles to our designs and products. Our main material is Jute from discarded coffee bags, from which we create unique, elegant and original garments so people can feel good and unique wearing clothing with positive environmental and social impact. We found 4 unique ways to work with circularity, from a very artistic artisanal way to a very industrial recycling process, all local, and which we have present when we design and create our garments, accessories and products.
Sylvia Calvo
From Barcelona, studied English Philology and a MBA in Chicago, living there for 15 years. After attending Eco-Fashion talk in 2012, started to investigate about sustainable fashion and the alternatives to have positive social, economic and environmental impacts in this industry. In 2015, I created “Sylvia Calvo BCN”, working mainly with original used coffee bags to transform them into garments & complements. Co-founded & president of the Nonprofit Association “Moda Sostenible Barcelona”. Speaker to promote circularity.Board member of ModaFad, Gremi Artesa Textil, & PIMEC (SME Catalonia)
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