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RE4 Plus

The RE4 Plus excels at both vacuuming and mopping.

The RE4 Plus is a multi-purpose cleaning robot that powerfully tackles all floor cleaning tasks with minimal human effort. It also contributes to a greener lifestyle supported by using recycled plastics, and a large, auto-collect dustbin that reduces the use of disposable bags. Key features: - Vacuums, mops, and cleans carpets automatically - Dust bag to auto-collect 90 days of waste - Robust 4500Pa suction power for thorough cleaning - A truly green product (made with recycled plastics; uses recyclable mop pads) - Easy control via EZVIZ App and voice assistants

EZVIZ Industrial Design Team
With 10-year experience in smart home industrial design, EZVIZ Industrial Design Team has won global recognition from top-tier design awards including the RedDot Award (best of the best), iF Design Award, Good Design Award, and more. In addition to the worldwide design awards, it is also recognized for its user-centered design by many regional awards, including German Innovation Award, and European Product Design Award.
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