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REfill REuse REpeat cream jar

The new way of sustainable cosmetic packaging!

FASTEN created a stylish refillable cosmetic cream jar that looks amazing, but at the same time is sustainable in so many ways! By using only 1 material, (recycled) PP, for all parts of the product, we prevent any disruption of the recycling process. There is a 70% reduction on materials compared to a standard cream jar, which is an amazing result! By reducing weight in the design and making the refill stackable, there is a significant CO2 reduction realized in transport. By replacing ink with debossing and folding the cardboard instead of gluing, an ultimate sustainable jar is born!

At FASTEN, packaging is our passion! We are a full-service cosmetic packaging provider, serving brands, and retailers all over the world. We create unique packaging concepts by combining design, innovation, sustainability, and creativity with our technical know-how. Our in-house design and engineering team is constantly looking for new techniques, innovative materials, and sustainable solutions. We are always up to date with the latest market trends in order to create the most unique and innovative concepts for our customers.
Robbert Bouman, Remco Janssen & Michael Hulst
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