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Reusable HVAC Air Filters

Cut landfill waste to ZERO with a new 15-yr filter

K&N Global Filtration is disrupting industrial markets with the only washable, reusable, sustainability-focused air filtration solutions with a 15+ year product lifecycle. Based on 50 years of automotive air filtration expertise, these new alternatives provide better air flow to reduce AHU energy consumption, and they replace 15 years of disposable air filters, eliminating tons of landfill waste. A drop-in replacement with simple maintenance protocol, these filters are an easy, off-the-shelf solution ready to improve AHU performance with significantly less waste.

JSA on behalf of K&N
United States
Joost Adriaans
After obtaining his Bachelor's in Automotive Engineering from HTS-Autotechniek in Arnhem, The Netherlands, Adriaans began his journey at K&N Engineering as an intern, followed by his first role as design engineer. Over two decades, Joost amassed extensive experience in the auto aftermarket sector, product development, strategies and manufacturing across Europe and U.S. Recognizing the need for sustainable solutions in the industrial sector, he transitioned to lead K&N Global Filtration. His continuous learning/innovation is evident, developing impactful products for diverse industries.
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