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Rituel Cheveux et Corps

Love yourself while loving nature. Use and Reuse.

One care product for both hair and body beauty, for him and for her. Natural ingredients and recipient engineered by nature. 1 jar, reusable and recyclable, so as to give it a new story, a new life before the notion of recyclability. Mission: reducing the amount of products / containers hence reducing waste. After the use of the unisex hair and body butter, each member can use the jar as desired, in the kitchen for spices (thym, pepper, bay leaves etc.) or in the DIY workshop (bolts, crews, nails etc.).

Dunni Beaudoin
The idea was born out of a family frustration. The need for products with simple but great natural ingredients for me and my 3 boys. The need, within a family of five to reduce the amount of product on the bathroom shelf. The need to stop throwing all these empty plastic jars into a he trash. So we decided to creat it ourselves for the family. After a few years, we decided to commercialise it with the help of a great laboratory of natural products while researching other projects for other needs such as hair and body wash.
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