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River cleaning as a free service

RiverRecycle has developed a unique business model that provides national and local governments with a sustainable river-cleaning service without requiring constant funding. Our patented technology effectively removes plastic pollution from rivers and creates safe job opportunities for local communities. By implementing a circular economy, we establish a waste management system that does not incur costs for local municipalities. Furthermore, by converting plastic waste into raw feedstock, we help reduce the need for virgin materials to produce new plastic.

RiverRecycle aims to stop ocean plastic pollution by pairing river plastic recovery with land-based collection and recycling. By converting plastic waste back to raw feedstock, we allocate value to otherwise ‘low-value’ plastic waste and reduce the need for virgin materials to produce new plastic. RiverRecycle’s projects support the transition to the circular economy, ensuring the recovery of existing plastic waste and allowing future plastic to remain in circulation for longer.
Anssi Mikola
With 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and a background in engineering, Anssi Mikola has become a pioneer in transforming waste management into a circular opportunity in emerging economies. RiverRecycle’s projects and collaborations spread to nine countries and connect affected com- munities to global brands and governments active in tackling the problem of plastic pollution.
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