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Savoy Dress

From GreenGrocer to GlamourDress

The dress is made of mummified leaves of the Savoy cabbage. By mummifying the leaves, their made sustainable for years. I do not use chemicals, only plant-based glycerol and water. The process of mummifying the leaves takes at least a month. The dress is to be worn for performance, show and photoshoot. To make it wearable, a basic dress under the leaves is placed. A second-hand dress off course because we have to re-use. Garments are no disposables.

ModeKunst FashionArt
Agnes van Dijk
With my creative ability, fantasy, and technical skills, I translate ideas that seem impossible into unique creations of unusual materials. The research and experiment that precedes the making of a design is crucial for the creative process, because I experience the importance of thinking without limits, in crossways and connectivity. In the context of beautiful structures and consciousness about our environment, I investigate how perishable materials can be made sustainable in an environmentally friendly way.
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