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Sealife toys

Multifunctional design toys for open ended play

Our Moes sealife items are created to stimulate kids creativity and motor skills through the world of open ended play. They can use the toys for different development skills like balancing, walking, jumping,...Besides this the items invite kids to play in combination with other toys. They really can let their imagination go free. Another fun aspect of the toy is the fact that it can help kids in daily activities, for instance as a chair or step up. We use materials that are light, soft but very solid! An ideal combination for kids. The material is recyclable and items have a long life cycle.

Moesplay (Galaxxis)
Moes is a Belgian brand that creates multifunctional design toys. Our main goal is to stimulate kids creativity and motor skills with focus on open ended play. We try to work with designs and colors that fit every interior. Our toys can also be used to help kids in their daily activities. The company and brand were established in 2021 by 2 young fathers. They started with 3 items and the portfolio grew to 43 sku's at the moment. The brand is sold in more then 20 countries worldwide.
Thomas Sollier/ Dimitri Hendrickx
Thomas Sollier and Dimitri Hendrickx are 2 young fathers in there 30ies. They met at their former jobs and immediately had a good connection. Bot men were ambitious to create a legacy of their own. The inspiration came from the little kids which they want to grow up in a world full of fantasy and fun.
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