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A new shape for water, using the same material

SETE in Italian means THIRST. SETE is a drinking set made using recycled PET. We take the PET that was used to produce bottles and reuse the same material to produce another water container. We use rPET coming from both CHEMICAL RECYCLE (for glasses and jug) and MECHANICAL RECYCLE (for tray); moreover, we produce them applying an European patented process (EP3747316). Thanks to it, it is not just possible to overcome the technical limitations of the rPET moulding, but the use of rPET becomes economically sustainable. SETE is the proof that, talking about plastic recycle… “it could work!"

Pandora Srl
Pandora design only works with 100% recycled materials
Pandora Srl
Giulio Iacchetti
Based in Milan, he is an industrial designer since 1992. Among the companies he works with, Alessi, Artemide, Ceramiche Refin, Fontana Arte, Foscarini, Magis, Moleskine. He is Artistic Director of Abet Laminati and dnd Handles. Among the distinctive characteristics of his work, the research and definition of new object typologies. In May 2009 the Triennale di Milano held a solo exhibition titled “Giulio Iacchetti. Disobedient objects”. He was awarded two Compasso d’Oro (in 2001, with Moscardino, a spoon-fork for Pandora design; in 2014, with the manhole cover series Sfera for Montini).
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