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Shampoo Bar for Balance

To balance oil production and hydrate strands

This shampoo bar is formulated with sulfate free, plant based cleansers that gently clean away dirt and oil while hydrating the strands with argan oil, coconut oil and provitamin b. Designed to work well across all hair types whether straight, curly or coily, this shampoo bar delivers a sudsy clean without drying out hair. It is the best transition bar to get off liquid products in plastic bottles because it delivers the exact same experience you are used to, just with a slightly different application method.

Go BRIXY, Inc.
BRIXY is a sustainable personal care brand elevating clean beauty that's better-for-you, and making it better-for-the-planet with zero plastic packaging. We are a team of 3 friends, passionate about finding solutions to make our world safer and cleaner with the products we all use in our daily routines. Our first company was focused on creating safe consumer products and became wildly successful with a line of the most award-winning mineral sunscreen. With BRIXY, we continue our heritage and known how of building effective and clean products consumers love to use, with our love for the planet.
United States
Go BRIXY, Inc.
Kevin Brodwick is the creator or BRIXY and a serial entrepreneur with a passion to create a cleaner and safer world for people and the planet. His first company, Think, was a safe products company that became widely known for their most award winning line of mineral sun care that is safe for people as well as reefs and the planet. After Think was acquired in 2020, he set out on his next venture, to launch a sustainable products company that removed plastic entirely from the picture and offered a more sustainable way for consumers to go about their clean routines.
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