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Sustainable materials made from herbal medicine

Herbal medicine with healing effects and recyclable biomaterials are research aspect that I have searched into. I use aromatic herbs, which come from plants, focusing on using two kinds of herbal medicines: Pogostemon Cablin, Herba Eupatorii and aquafaba (liquid from the beans) , seaweed, icing sugar and other materials to make products, such as glove and package that I have crafted. According to the antifungal characteristic of herbal medicines, they have the effect of curing Tinea manuum, which is a dermatophyte infection of one or both hands.

Royal College of Art
The Royal College of Art (RCA) is a public research university located in London, England, founded in 1837. In the QS World University subject rankings over the years, the Royal College of Art has always ranked first in the world in the art and design category. It won the Best Business Fashion Award from the 2019 Best Fashion Design Overall Ranking Report. It is the only entirely postgraduate art and design university in the United Kingdom. Also, it offers postgraduate degrees in art and design to students from over 60 countries.
United Kingdom
Yiyuan Bai
How to explore the possibilities in life and nature? Yiyuan Bai as an interdisciplinary material maker, she focuses more on making sustainable materials and tends to develop materials into products, accessories or art installations according to their own characteristics. In the last two years, her works had won awards in the International Environmental Protection Art Creation Contest and CADA Japan Concept Art Design Competition. Besides, she had been shortlisted for the Hyundai Awards for Excellence in Sustainability and Creative Practice.
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