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Sun Factory

Turning plastic sunward

We offer a sustainable and innovative plastic recycling service powered by solar energy. Our process transforms plastic waste into valuable products, suitable for eco-conscious individuals and businesses. By harnessing the sun's energy, we provide an eco-friendly solution to plastic pollution, making sustainability accessible to all.

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Sun Factory is a pioneering company committed to sustainable innovation through solar thermal technology. Our core mission is to transform plastic waste into eco-friendly products using an innovative mobile solar thermal process that we have developed. Our unic and innovative approach not only addresses the plastic waste crisis but also empowers individuals and communities to participate in a global effort towards a more sustainable future. Website: Phone: +351 91 008 93 43 Social Media:
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Marco Bernardo
Marco Bernardo is a versatile engineer born in France in 1981, holding Swiss and Portuguese nationality. With a background in mechanical engineering, he graduated in 2004 from the École d'Ingénieurs de Genève. Marco's career includes roles as a technical project manager in the watch industry, an expert in energy efficiency for buildings, and an independent engineer working on eco-friendly technology projects. He has a passion for sustainability and recycling, demonstrated by his project in Portugal where he constructed a house and workshop for plastic recycling using solar energy. Marco's dive
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