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Cement-free sustainbable concrete wall tiles

Novel Grey developed a recipe and production method for sustainable concrete. By replacing all cement with landfill from the metal industry, a cement-free concrete is created, made from recycled materials with a CO2 reduction of almost 80%. In addition to cement-free geopolymer concrete, Novel Grey developed a production method for sustainable concrete wall tiles that not only consists of cement-free concrete but also consist of low energy cement and even concrete containing recycled rubble. Designed for interior wall tiles, but also applicable for wallcladding and other concrete applications.

Novel Grey
Novel Grey
Jan-Paul and Marjolein Deurloo
Novel Grey was founded November 2021 by designers Marjolein and Jan-Paul Deurloo. It's the sum of years of research, experimentation and design with aesthetic concrete and at the same time making the it more sustainable. Through Novel Grey, they can share their desire for making impact throug innovations with a larger target group. “This way they can also experience our passion and make it their own, so that they can create a natural environment that suits them. By listening, looking ahead and innovating, we are able to create impressive, authentic, handmade wall tiles and objects.
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