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Soups and doughs that unite generations

SUTE offers an answer to the question of what kitchen appliances could look like in the future. Made for the circular economy, it can be repaired and is durable, and also conveys these values to the outside world. When put together, the three parts make two different kitchen appliances. Each replacement part comes in the next colour generation, so that SUTE always tells the story of the user. The eight bright orange screws are conspicuous and easy to reach, nothing is glued or hidden.

Hochschule Hannover
Alina Schlegel
Alina Schlegel is a 23 year old product design student at the faculty of Design in hanover. Sometimes she struggles with the fact, that what she studies highly depends on consumption, while all she wants the world to do is to consume less. But a world where we consume differently needs to be designed as well. And that is what she is passionate about.
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