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Revolutionizing sustainable packaging with a tap

TAP&REUSE™ is a sustainable packaging service targeting cafes, restaurants, and other food service providers. Using RFID technology, we offer real-time tracking and a deposit-free system that encourages reusability. The service comes with our Android tablets equipped with SoftPOS, simplifying the adoption process without requiring complex POS integrations. What sets us apart is the unprecedented convenience for both businesses and consumers. A simple tap initiates the borrowing process, eliminating the need for an app or a deposit, thereby making sustainable behavior easy and hassle-free.

kleen hub
kleen hub is a Denmark-registered tech company specialized in providing sustainable packaging solutions. Our core team comprises experts in technology, sustainability, and business operations. We're committed to driving change in the packaging industry through innovation and customer-centric designs. Our partnerships extend to cafes, restaurants, universities, and other institutions, primarily within the EU. Our business model combines both B2B and B2C strategies, ensuring a comprehensive impact. We're on the fast track for growth, with potential acquisition and licensing offers from major com
Giuseppe Lanzafame
Giuseppe Lanzafame serves as the Chief Operations Officer at Kleen Hub, a company committed to combating the environmental issues caused by single-use items, particularly in the restaurant and cafe sector. Through Kleen Hub, he is involved in providing solutions such as reusable containers to mitigate waste and reduce environmental threats​.
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