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The Airbag

A truly circular product - Changing waste to value

In most countries in Europe, around 10% of materials are recycled. It means that 90% of materials are only used once. By identifying waste streams from industries and utilizing them to create aesthetic or fun objects, we can increase the circular economy and decrease dependence on virgin materials. The design of the Airbag is a clear example of a transparent transformation from a linear to a circular economy. The Airbag is a truly circular product made of industrial and consumer waste from the automobile and outdoor industries.

FÓLK Reykjavík
FÓLK Reykjavik accelerates the green transition through design. We do this by designing, making and selling CO2 low and circular products
Studio Flétta
The Airbags are designed by Studio Flétta for Icelandic Design brand FÓLK Reykjavík. The Airbag project started with a dialogue between FÓLK and a local car part sale in Iceland. FÓLK then recruited the designers at Studio Flétta to visit the car part sale and create a design from materials that were not currently resold or reused by the dealership. Birta Rós Brynjólfsdóttir and Hrefna Sigurðardóttir together form the design studio Flétta. Flétta’s aspiration is to reuse and upcycle materials into unique handmade products that work as a basis for social commentary.
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